True Blood – It Hurts Me Too & Beautifully Broken

These last two episodes of True Blood felt more like plot movers than anything especially with the Eric/Godric flashbacks and the Bill/Lorena flashbacks, although there were a couple exciting moments in both episodes.

I forgot to mention Sam’s search for his family in my last post but that’s because it just wasn’t as interesting as anything else. It’s pretty obvious that they are going to cause trouble for him so it’s just watch and wait at this point. Also Jessica’s three episode affair with her dead trucker is very grating. It’s like, come on already. We get it. He’s dead and rotting, and she’s grossed out. Move on. However I do like Pam’s role in Jessica’s development. Love her dry sarcasm and unwilling “motherly” role, which is the antithesis of what she is.

So first of all, what is with the vampire royalty turning up everywhere? There’s a king and queen of every state? Plus a sheriff? That’s a lot of law for a lot of underworld lawlessness going on! Like kidnapping poor Bill. Not sure I like the king of Mississippi and his annoying consort, Talbot. The jury’s also out on the new slimy looking vampire who seduces Tara (she’s so dumb!) to get closer to Sookie.

But I do like the fact that Arlene is pregnant with Terry’s kid – because I KNOW that something good is coming out of that one. I mean fast-growing fetus? Oh yes, Mr. Terry is no ordinary human is my guess. I would even venture to say that he’s a werewolf. Speaking of werewolves, LOVE that Joe Manganiello (Owen on One Tree Hill) is playing Alcide. Hot!

Definitely looking forward to this Sunday’s episode if only to see more of him!

The last thing I need to mention is the sex scene between Bill and Lorena. Now that was awkward to even watch. Ouch. Guess he really, really hates her. From the previews of the next episode, looks like Bill only succeeds in pushing Sookie closer to Eric. Flame on peeps! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by her vampire lover!

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