Come get your True Blood!

So the last episode of True Blood entitled Crimes was pretty decent. LOVED the dream that Eric had about Sookie, but loved even more the look that was on his face when he woke up. Classic. Normally it’s about humans dreaming about vampires not the other way around! He was completely shaken!

Definitely got my fill of Alcide as he steps in to help Sookie find the man/werewolf who kidnapped Bill. On that note, funny to notice that the same hot/cold metaphor comes up – cold for vampires, hot for werewolves. Obviously it’s not a new thing.

Sookie: Oh my god, you’re so warm.

Alcide: It’s a were thing, we run hot.

This just brings me to my rant of the day which of course is that everything to do with vampires and werewolves has been done. Even in this episode, they talk about Sookie being a telepath and not being able to hear Bill, which is the same thing between another vamp popular couple, Bella and Edward. He can’t hear her thoughts. There’s rarely anything new, well except of course for sparkling fairy-dust vampires. But I digress.

The best part (and saddest) about this episode was Bill being so cold to poor Sookie – “You are no longer of concern to me,” and telling her that he’d just been with Lorena. Ouch. That was stone cold. Despite his iciness to Sookie, Bill has definitely gotten his sexy back – how hot does he look when he gets angry and smashes Lorena in the face? Fantastic! I am liking the new Bill…

Apart from the whole plot movement of the Mississippi king vamping out his blood to the werewolves (which hopefully is going to come back in a huge way because you have to imagine that if dealing V to humans is so bad, giving it to the werewolves is even worse), the episode was very entertaining. Tara is still as dumb as ever but maybe one of these days she will surprise me, and Franklin is just plain psycho. The sub-plot of Sam and his family is a little boring but I’m sure they have a purpose. Love that Sam hired Jessica to do some waitressing (and of course Arlene’s reaction – “I’m the only redhead!”) And of course the magistrar vampire dude laying the law down on Eric by punishing Pam is pretty cool.

Looking forward to next week, now that Eric has a timeline to find Bill.

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