New Moon Movie Trailer

The new uber-long trailer for New Moon premiered at the VMAs last weekend, but if you missed it, you can


see it in HD here. Definitely looks like Summit got a truck-load more money to fund this installment of the Twilight series

so I’m hoping for great things. Not sure if more money will ever help Robert Pattinson’s wooden acting. Wasn’t impressed in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, not impressed here either. He reminds me of Hayden Christensen, both undeniably hot, but let’s face it, neither of them will ever win an Oscar for acting. But hey, if MTV does an award for “Best Hot Silent Vampire,” he’d win it hands down. I’m a big fan of Dakota Fanning so it should be interesting to see how she does in the

role of Jane. And Taylor Lautner looks like he’s ready to bring it – at least his acting is more believable, bringing some balance to the flatness of the other actors. Check back for my review after New Moon drops on November 20th 2009.

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