Vampire Overload?

I went to the movies last week and couldn’t help but notice the two movie posters sitting side by side – one advertizing The Vampire’s Assistant and the other Daybreakers. These are only two of the movies with vampires that are scheduled to come out in the next few months. After the movies, I happened to […]

La Vie En Rose – Paris, Je t’aime!

Considering that part of my current novel takes place in Paris and its sequel occurs entirely in France, I am very excited to see this amazing city again. I recently discovered that I am of French descent which explains a lot, as I’ve always felt that Paris was a part of my soul, ingrained in […]

Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition

I was doing some file housekeeping, and I found the essay that won an award from the Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition, which I wrote in 1989 at 15 years old. The essay topic was to “write a short story in which a grandfather, a tree and a musical instrument are the main elements.” Let’s just […]

Review of Graceling by Kristin Cashore

I have to say that Graceling did indeed live up to the hype. I finished it last night at 1am. Let’s just say that it’s been a long while since I’ve foregone sleep for finishing a book, which is always a good sign of a “can’t put down” read. Graceling is set in a fictional […]

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