The Return of the Cyber-Universe

That’s right, peeps, I am talking about Tron: Legacy, the soon-to-be blockbuster coming to a theater near you from Disney. For those of you who don’t know about the original Tron circa 1982, Tron: Legacy picks up when Sam Flynn tries to find his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who has been missing for the past 25 years. Locked in the dangerous and technologically advanced cyber-world where computer programs make the rules, father and son work together to brave and beat the ever-changing landscape of Tron with the fate of the real world hanging in the balance. A cross between Speed Racer and Gladiator, Tron: Legacy is sure to be an exciting, fast-paced thrill ride.

Check out the trailer below. Tron: Legacy drops on December 17, 2010.

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