The Vampire Diaries: Fool Me Once

Stefan and Damon2What a sad episode! For the first time ever on the Vampire Diaries, I think I actually may have welled up. I think that was more due to the Leona Lewis remake of the Snow Patrol song, Run at the end, but it was still an emotional episode with Bonnie’s grandmother dying after the tomb spell. She was an awesome character.

I felt SO sad for Damon when he couldn’t find Katherine, and especially when Ana told him that the last time she saw Katherine was in Chicago in 1983, and she knew where Damon was but never looked for him. Says a lot about Katherine, doesn’t it? I have a feeling that Damon is going to lose it when the Vampire Diaries returns…as in ‘hell-hath-no-fury-like-a-vampire-scorned’ losing it.

I loved the part when Elena hugs Damon and said that she was sorry after he couldn’t find her in the tomb. I think he really needed that. I also liked when Ana found her mother and they were reunited in the end. That was awesome. I also liked Jeremy’s and Ana’s relationship in this episode. I really don’t want that to end because he actually looked happy for once. And so did Ana. I wanted to see more of that.

And for once, despite the overall sadness, Stefan had all the cool lines in this episode (instead of Damon):-Vampire Diaries_Stefan

Tom Cruise’s Doppelganger-Vampire: Is that all you got?

Stefan: No, I got this (and barbecues him with a flame-thrower).

It would have been cool in the end if they showed a snapshot of Katherine partying it up in some other town instead of the vamps getting out of the tomb. That just felt predictable – I knew it was going to happen the minute Damon smashed the blood against the wall. Would have been nice to get a glimpse of Katherine since she was the main driver of practically every episode up to this point.

Great ending episode!

The Vampire Diaries returns March 25, 2010.

4 Comments on The Vampire Diaries: Fool Me Once

  1. April
    February 12, 2010 at 3:51 pm (14 years ago)

    Runs? I meant Rules!

  2. April
    February 12, 2010 at 3:49 pm (14 years ago)

    Snow Patrol Runs, that song and Open Your Eyes are my fav. The musical arrangement is what made the song great – I ituned it last night and listened to the whole thing this morning, and yea the end is way over done. I dreamt about Damon, I think I love him.

  3. admin
    February 12, 2010 at 1:11 am (14 years ago)

    I know what you mean about the whole Angel and Spike thing, definitely agree. I loved the song too. The original is heaps better but the Leona Lewis version isn’t bad (gets annoying near the end, with too many riffs).

  4. April
    February 11, 2010 at 11:58 pm (14 years ago)

    I have to say this show is getting so much better. Stefan still annoys me I want to see him do something – lighting that guy on fire was eh. Damon is the man he is kind of Angelus and Spike wrapped into 1 vamp. And lets face it, it wasn’t really Ann Rice who rebooted vamps, it was Buffy. Lately so many vampires are so much like Spike and Angel ie Damon and Stefan and Bill and Eric. I think Elaina has an extra special soft spot for Damon and can’t admit it yet.

    I can’t beleive its not back until March 25th, I get being gone for the Olympics but come one 🙁

    Oh and Snow Patrols song rocked by Leona Lewis and I don’t like her – Loved it! Sad about Bonnies grandma, but ya never know what might happen.


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