The Vampire Diaries Return Thursday!

After a long hiatus, the Vampire Diaries return on March 25! I’m not entirely sure where they are going to take the story now that we know that Katherine is not in the crypt and is somewhere in Chicago. My guess is that Damon is going to lose it and go on some kind of rampage (love bad, naughty Damon) which we know will be exciting, and I am really hoping to see some more of Katherine…especially in a Katherine versus Elena showdown. That would be cool. I like to see the viciousness of Katherine’s personality especially because Elena can be very blah as a character. Despite my hopes, I’m betting that any pre-dawn meeting between those two won’t happen until the season finale – way too big of an event.

Check out the CW‘s trailer, and check back for my review of the episode on Thursday.

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