Twilight Princess: Cave of Ordeals

More like the cave of HELL!!!

Not to get manic or anything but OMG, the Cave of Ordeals in Twilight Princess is not easy. For those of you who don’t know what the Cave of Ordeals is – it is a series of underground rooms (50 of them) where you fight every single monster you’ve encountered through Zelda’s Twilight Princess. The entrance to the Cave of Ordeals is located in the southeast of the Gerudo Desert.

Basically, you have to beat your opponents to advance to the next room. After every 10 rooms, you meet a great fairy who offers you the option to leave the Cave of Ordeals but you lose all progress, and will need to start over from room 1 if you choose to do it again. And you don’t get much help while you’re in there – probably over the 50 rooms, a total of maybe 8 lousy hearts. It sounds like a lot, but trust me, it’s peanuts. You’ll need certain equipment to get through certain rooms like the Spinner, Ball and Chain, Dominion Rod, and Double Clawshot.

I was pumped and loaded up on rupees (to use the Magic Armor), had all four bottles filled with all manner of rejuvenating¬† potions – blue potion, great fairy’s tears, red potion, a plethora of arrows and bombs, and I still got done for. Guess where? The last freaking cave!!!

Oh I hate the Darknuts. Evil, armored nasties. One of them is hard enough, but seriously three??? I managed to get all their armor off but couldn’t get them before the got me. Anyway I was so mad. Still waiting to calm down to do it again. Plus, I just found out that any subsequent time you try the Cave of Ordeals after the first, you have to fight FOUR darknuts. So not right. I need some serious strategy.

Damn you Cave of Ordeals!!! *shakes fists to sky*

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