Website Update

So I’ve finally updated my website with some new Books, Calendar & FAQs sections, which are full of miscellaneous information and links.

I also added some more “Connect With Me” buttons, considering how socially critical all these social media sites have become. Followers, fans, circles … who knew social connection could become such a phenomenon? So they’re all there now. Not of course that I know how to use them all, but they’re there. Phew. In fact, the only tumbling I know how to do is the kind on a floor mat with back springs and round offs, and the only circles I’m familiar with are crop circles (alien intervention, anyone?)

So connect with me, and instruct me if you feel so inclined on best use etiquette, especially with anything that isn’t Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. I’m always happy to learn! And be sure to let me know what you think of the new sections!

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