Movie Review: MegaMind

MegaMind, you had me at hello. Honestly, who couldn’t not love the big-headed blue evil genius? I loved everything about this movie, even though it’s really nothing new in terms of concept in the gray area of good versus evil, and baby aliens with special powers being sent to earth (Superman, if you’re struggling to […]

The Vampire Diaries – Rose

This is going to be part rant, part rave instead of an actual episode review of the Vampire Diaries, so consider yourself prepared. Seriously. Let me begin by asking what are the two cardinal rules of killing a vampire? Staking. Check. Beheading. Check. And shouldn’t a vampire already know this? Especially if said vampire is […]

Vampire Diaries – Masquerade

“You’re not going to kill her…because I am.” Them be some big, bold words Stefan! But then, the promise of regaining the love of his life once Elena is out of the picture is a pretty big incentive. Without Elena’s knowledge and enlisting the help of Alaric, Jeremy, Caroline, and Bonnie, Stefan and Damon’s grand […]

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