AVATAR: The Human and The Na’vi

I’ve talked enough about Zoe Saldana’s fabulous acting skills in this movie, but I think it will help to put a face to the name, or in this case, a face to the Na’vi. You would probably know her best from her recent role in Star Trek as Lt. Uhura. Sigourney Weaver’s Na’vi avatar was pretty distinct, it really looked like her, down to her jawline and unique smile. I know I don’t even have to put down Weaver’s film credits here – the woman is a legend even outside of Cameron’s films. I got a hint for the actor who played Eytukan, Wes Studi, if not from his facial resemblance but rather from his voice. I know him best from The Last of the Mohicans and Dances With Wolves, although he’s been in heaps of other stuff since then. CCH Pounder, you’d know best from The Shield as Detective Claudette Wyms. Joel Moore I recognized from Dodgeball and Fox’s Bones. And lastly (but not least), Laz Alonso you’d probably know from Fast & Furious and Stomp the Yard among other things.

So here you go. The Human and the Na’vi.

Sam Worthington aka Jake Sully

sam-worthingtonJake Sully Avatar

Zoe Saldana aka Neytiri

zoe saldanaNeytiri3

Sigourney Weaver aka Dr. Grace Augustine

sigourney weaveravatar-sigourney-weaver

Wes Studi aka Eytukan

Wes StudiEytukan2

CCH Pounder aka Moat


Laz Alonso aka Tsu’tey

Alonso, LazTsu'tey

Joel Moore aka Norm Spellman

Joel MooreNorm

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