John May Lives

The ABC series V seems to be quickly losing steam in my opinion. Tonight’s was a slightly better episode than last week’s, and definitely had some good moments, like the baby V moving around in Ryan’s girlfriend’s stomach, but overall it just felt flat. I know that they have to build up the whole Fifth Column getting motivated, but it feels like the pacing is too slow to keep viewers interested. There don’t seem to be any exciting plot twists to drive the drama.

The build-up of Ryan going aboard the ship (oooh the danger…the risk!) didn’t seem to be met by the actual action when he did get on the ship, so that wasn’t as awesome as it could have been. The test that Anna made up to find members of the Fifth Column was cool but it still seemed too boring, too predictable. We know they don’t have any empathy. Would have been cool maybe if Ryan had somehow been able to best the test.  I also don’t like the new guy that Erica and team have recruited to help build their army on the ground. He annoys me. Lastly, the ending with Georgie being tortured and screaming in the final scene was no surprise. The shock factor was just not there.

V seems to be missing a lot of the energy that it started off with. I hope it picks up soon or it’ll find itself past the point of primetime return.

V airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.

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