Vampire Diaries: Let the right one in

And the Vampire Diaries are back in the game! The Vampire Diaries was an AWESOME episode tonight! Full of action and suspense and drama. What was not to love!?

The CW really redeemed themselves this week. The attack on Stefan was expected (having been in the previews), but I can’t say that I don’t utterly love seeing Damon’s protective sensitive side. Love, love, love when the bad-boy goes human. It was awesome when he told Elena that he couldn’t protect her if she came into the house while he was trying to rescue Stefan. And she’s like, ok (even though she’s totally predictable and goes into the house anyway…stupid Elena). She does save Stefan though, so she redeems herself…a little. It was great to see Damon so torn up over Stefan, especially when he pretends not to care half of the time.

Also Loved Alaric in this episode! Found him to be very weak before in terms of his character but liked his kick-ass mentality with the nasty vampires and working together with Damon. Loved that he saved Damon especially considering he hates him. Especially loved it when he punched Damon in the face in the bar in the end, that was a cool moment.

I really liked the twist with Vicky and bringing her back, and then the way that played into Jeremy wanting to turn into a vampire. I think that that really hurt Anna when she said in the end that he only wanted to turn into a vampire to be with her. Felt so sad for her then, I really did. The interchange between them in the beginning of the episode was so real and believable too, with some great lines.

Anna: Suck it up

Jeremy: Turn me and I will.

I enjoyed the development of their relationship and the fact that Anna defended him to her mother, which of course made the end with Jeremy’s ‘betrayal’ a very poignant moment. I like them as a couple a lot so I am waiting to see where the CW takes this.

The best part of the episode though was the bit at the end where Damon walks in on Stefan gorging himself on human blood from blood bags. One taste of Elena’s human blood, and he is ruined. That was totally unexpected, I wasn’t even thinking of that when she gave him her blood, which was also a very cool moment in the episode.

Completely fantastic episode – nothing bad to say whatsoever! Go CW!

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays on the CW. Can’t wait to see next week!

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