The Vampire Diaries: Founder’s Day

Holy BOMBSHELL!! The Vampire Diaries season finale was awesome! Love, love, love the ending with the twist! Guess who’s back!? I’ll give you a hint – it’s not Slim Shady. I thought it was totally weird that Elena would kiss Damon especially after she was so sincere with Stefan, but I sort of expected it […]

Vampire Diaries: Isobel

Damon is on fire! I love when he took charge vampire-style administering a beat-down on Isobel when she tried to get too fresh. Way to show her who was boss, although it didn’t seem to do much to deter her. Isobel is definitely irritating, even with showing her sensitive side to Alaric in the end. […]

Vampire Diaries: Let the right one in

And the Vampire Diaries are back in the game! The Vampire Diaries was an AWESOME episode tonight! Full of action and suspense and drama. What was not to love!? The CW really redeemed themselves this week. The attack on Stefan was expected (having been in the previews), but I can’t say that I don’t utterly […]