V Season Finale: Red Sky

All in all, definitely not a bad season finale for ABC’s V. They could have definitely offered up more visually for the half-human/half-lizard baby other than the tiny glance of a green snaky tail wrapping around Ryan’s finger. After my last post of the 1980’s plasticine version, I wanted to see more! Lots more. However, […]

V: Fruition

Hmmm…maybe they meant Friction instead of Fruition on ABC’s V because I wanted to throw my television against a wall. Boy, is Anna the master manipulator or what? From working Chad Decker to a T and getting him to push support for the Vs to stay, to physically abusing her own daughter for sympathy and […]

ABC’s V: Hearts and Minds

Checked out the latest V episode on ABC.com tonight. Not bad at all. It’s definitely gaining some momentum, and had a bunch of knee-jerk moments. Like the human experimentation with the “needle” table-cage. That was some serious coolness, well not for the human victim of course. That torture table was sick. Before writing anymore, I […]

ABC’s V: Heretics Fork

Named after a medieval torture device with a two-pronged fork that was attached to a victim’s neck so they couldn’t sleep without intense pain, this episode Heretics Fork, was not bad. Things are heating up with Val and Ryan and their half-human, half-V baby. The Vs are onto them and want to find them to […]

V – We Can’t Win

ABC’s V series definitely got a little more exciting this week, especially with the little tidbit of Lisa (Anna’s daughter) failing the empathy test. I didn’t like her as a character before this revelation so it probably had to do with making her seem more human, funnily enough. I really liked how cool Joshua was […]

John May is dead

So surprise, surprise – John May is dead and was killed by none other than our V-turned-ally buddy, Ryan. Another weak V episode even with a couple neat action sequences like the torture scene with Georgie, and plot twists like Ryan’s girlfriend finding his secret room with the ultrasounds of her part-lizard baby. I didn’t […]

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