V – We Can’t Win

ABC’s V series definitely got a little more exciting this week, especially with the little tidbit of Lisa (Anna’s daughter) failing the empathy test. I didn’t like her as a character before this revelation so it probably had to do with making her seem more human, funnily enough. I really liked how cool Joshua was when he tells her why he didn’t tell Anna…Some time in the future I’ll need a favor and you will comply. Nice.

LOVED the display of the visitor’s blue energy. That was awesome! Special effects will help to make this series a popular one. Well, that and plot and good acting. But for scifi, cool special effects are a must.

Things are heating up with Ryan and his girlfriend’s half-lizard baby. Now the visitors know because of the scan they recorded, so they will be on the hunt for them. Which is completely ironic since Anna is pushing for Lisa to ensnare Tyler, undoubtedly for the same purpose. Speaking of those two, nice work stealing a shuttle and having some fun and games themselves on board.

Again, Anna’s egg pool is just nasty. Not to mention her crushing one of her embryos in her hands. I knew she was going to do it and prepared myself mentally, and it still made me gag. Gross, gross, gross. I’d prefer to see some more teeth, some more alien appearances.

Looking forward to next week’s episode. V airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.

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