V Season Finale: Red Sky

All in all, definitely not a bad season finale for ABC’s V. They could have definitely offered up more visually for the half-human/half-lizard baby other than the tiny glance of a green snaky tail wrapping around Ryan’s finger. After my last post of the 1980’s plasticine version, I wanted to see more! Lots more. However, […]

ABC’s V: Heretics Fork

Named after a medieval torture device with a two-pronged fork that was attached to a victim’s neck so they couldn’t sleep without intense pain, this episode Heretics Fork, was not bad. Things are heating up with Val and Ryan and their half-human, half-V baby. The Vs are onto them and want to find them to […]

V – We Can’t Win

ABC’s V series definitely got a little more exciting this week, especially with the little tidbit of Lisa (Anna’s daughter) failing the empathy test. I didn’t like her as a character before this revelation so it probably had to do with making her seem more human, funnily enough. I really liked how cool Joshua was […]

The Visitors are Back

The return of V, the anticipated ABC series, just didn’t do it for me tonight. Well except for the last thirty seconds where Anna went all praying mantis on the sperm donor for her ‘army,’ sporting a row of angler-fish-esque fangs. Nasty! Now I know that they have to build up for future episodes but […]