John May is dead

So surprise, surprise – John May is dead and was killed by none other than our V-turned-ally buddy, Ryan. Another weak V episode even with a couple neat action sequences like the torture scene with Georgie, and plot twists like Ryan’s girlfriend finding his secret room with the ultrasounds of her part-lizard baby.

I didn’t really like the back-flash scenes with Ryan and John May, they were useless and definitely not executed as effectively as they could have been. Should have been a major moment, and it just didn’t get there. The torture-bug they used on Georgie was cool, but it would have been way cooler if they’d put more than one in there. But maybe I’m just a sadist. I like the fact that he didn’t give in, and that Joshua helped to euthanize him. I really do not like the criminal guy they are using to help build an army, he’s irritating. He’s supposed to be the second coming, and yet when they’re followed by the V spy-bot, Erica is the one who blows it out in one shot. He needs to man-up.

Another pet peeve – can Tyler get any more annoying and whiny? Seriously, it’s grating! Oh, boo-hoo, your dad is not really your dad, why don’t you just run away and live on the V ship? Oh wait…that’s exactly what he’s going to do. It would be nice to see him have a little microscopic bit of backbone, and not bail on his mother who looked after him for years just because some test (that could be wrong) said his DNA didn’t match his father’s. Grow a pair! Alas, I think Tyler’s in for the opposite as his meat-eating girlfriend and future mother-in-law have big plans for him and his gonads.

The scene with Anna and the giant egg/embryo pool at the end was just nasty. It wasn’t even interesting, it was gross. I did think that when she felt ill at the beginning of the episode and her face goes all dark, that that was cool. They should have done more with something like that.

Still waiting for something BIG to happen. The photo insert here is the sole thing that keeps me coming back for more…the eventual lizard unveiling. ABC has got to have some tricks up its sleeve, otherwise ratings will continue to dive and they’ll lose viewers.

Maybe my high expectations are the cause of these episodes feeling so flat to me. V needs more ooomph. Probably a 5 out of 10 for the episode.

V airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.

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