Avatar comes to DVD Earth Day 4.22.10

And blue is the new black! Reserve your copy now and get it to your living room – Avatar comes to Blu-ray and DVD on April 22, 2010. Forget the Oscars or the Golden Globes, on this site, Avatar was best picture for 2009 (and maybe a tiny part of 2010), and the highest grossing movie of all time. Prepare to be blown away. If you’re wondering how Avatar is going to come across on the big screen, I was lucky enough to view an advance copy that I played on my iPod. Hello, tiny screen…and it was still freaking awesome!

With its underlying ecological themes, it is completely appropriate that the Blu-ray and DVD will be available on Earth Day 2010. This version of Avatar will be released in 2D with no bells and whistles, with a planned release of a multi-disc special edition in November later this year. If you want to get your fix, get this bare-bones copy now. If you can wait for the super-duper edition, hang on until November. Either way, it’s worth it.

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