AVATAR: James Cameron’s Creatures of Pandora

Seeds of the Sacred Tree – very pure spirits, seeds of the sacred tree of Ewya. Central to the Na’vi’s spiritual beliefs. Ewya connects the entire biological ecosystem of Pandora.

Seeds of the Sacred Tree of SoulsJake with tree seeds

Great Leonopteryx (Toruk or last shadow) – similar to the Mountain Banshee although far larger and striped with red, yellow and black markings, with large blue bone-fins on its head and the under-side of its jaw. Looks like a pterodactyl. Central figure in Na’vi history with Toruk Makto (one who rides the last shadow).

Jake and LeonopteryxGreat Leonopteryx

Direhorse – similar to a horse, used as a transport animal by the Na’vi. Has a neural connector that bonds with the Na’vi’s connector (at the end of their long braid) to join their minds so they think as one.

DirehorseNa'vi_Direhorse Riders

Mountain Banshee – flying predator, also used as an aerial transport animal by the Na’vi warriors. One of the last rite of passage tasks of becoming a warrior is to fight a banshee and seal the bond. In James Cameron’s Avatar, a banshee only makes one bond with a Na’vi warrior for its lifetime. They roost in the Hallelujah Mountains. Same neural connection link as the Direhorse.

banshee_avatar - Copymountain banshee

Hammerhead Titanothere – like a very large rhinoceros only with a hammerhead shark-like head made of bone. Territorial and attacks when threatened.

Hammerhead TitanothereTitanothere

Hexapede – like an antelope with blue and white stripes. Elaborate webbed fins around its head.


Prolemuris – looks like a cross between a monkey, a lemur and a webbed frog. Move in large groups.


Viperwolf – looks like a shiny large dog-like animal. Hunt in packs. Reminds me of the mutated dogs in the Resident Evil films.


Thanator – a gigantic feline predator. Looks like a shiny black panther with a heavily muscled body.

Neytiri and ThanatorThanator

I also found an early article from Ben Barna that talks about some of the creatures from Avatar with more information on size and eating habits as well as a Wikia entertainment site that has a ton of detail on most of Pandora’s flora and fauna.

Updated per comment by Christy.

Fan Lizard – looks like a baby reptilian lizard but has a swirling circular purple fan that opens when touched on the top of its body.


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    someone had asked me the name of the lizard-like creatures jake and neytiri pass on the way to the tree of voices, anyone know? ive searched and searched and havent found an thing

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    Have you watched Avatar yet by chance? Movie made me a little light headed but wow, what a great movie.


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