Reading Books on the iPad

I just finished reading my first ebook on my iPad and figured that it would be good to post about the experience, especially since in the e-reader department, I am a blushing neophyte. That said, I did prepare myself for the occasion by purchasing a particularly lovely embroidered organic hemp boho cover for my iPad, […]

Birthday Week

I know…I know…it’s been a few days since my last post, and I am guilty of not blogging. Sorry! I do have a good excuse though – it’s my birthday week so I have fortunately not been sitting in front of my computer, because that would make me more of a geeky blogger chick than […]

The Vampire Diaries: Kill or Be Killed

The Vampire Diaries were a pleasant surprise this week, especially with the return of Jeremy! Yay! But Jeremy’s return notwithstanding, Kill or Be Killed was absolutely full of excitement and unexpected goodness. First of all Caroline really steps it up, standing up for herself despite Katherine’s influence and protecting her friends at the terrifying risk […]

The Vampire Diaries: Episode 26, Memory Lane

Overall this was a pretty cool episode of the Vampire Diaries. The opening was great with a scene from 1864 at the very first Founder’s Ball and then switching to a present day love scene between Elena and Damon. Don’t get excited…it’s just a dream. Stefan wakes up from the nightmare, but it’s still not […]

Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition

Thanks to a friend of mine (thanks Gordo!) who always keeps me up to date on what I should read, watch, and blog, here’s a quick post on the Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition DVD which is now available for pre-order on It will be released on November 16, 2010. According to Amazon, this special three-disc set […]

Movie Review: Easy A

I love, love, love this movie! Easy A was everything any girl (or boy for that matter) could want in a fun, sassy, and smart film. Dipping into one of the big issues of teen culture, gossip, and the way it can negatively impact teenagers, Easy A goes the route of The Scarlet Letter, a […]

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