Movie Review: Tangled

Rated at 89% on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer, Disney‘s Tangled didn’t disappoint, even though I waited to see this one on DVD. Tangled, the remake of the story of Rapunzel, was terrific, and full of fun, excitement, and laughs. It’s a great movie for both children and adults, incorporating childish slapstick humor with some more sophisticated […]

Movie Review: Red Riding Hood

I went into Red Riding Hood with very little expectations, given the incredibly low rating on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer (a dismal 12% if you’re wondering). But I still wanted to see it because it’s about werewolves after all! I am also a huge fan of Amanda Seyfried. So despite the ratings, I still felt […]

Monster Mania Meet & Greets

Monster Mania was a fantastic time! Notwithstanding all of the people who showed up dressed up as their favorite horror and sci-fi characters, including Pinhead, Michael Myers, and the Predator to name a few, I had the distinct pleasure to meet Allan Hyde (Godric) from True Blood, Melinda Clarke from the Vampire Diaries, and Nick […]

Movie Review: Let Me In

*Review contains spoilers* Let Me In is the American adaptation of the 2008 Swedish vampire film, Let The Right One In (which I haven’t seen for any basis of comparison, although I have heard awesome things about it). Rated at 89% on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer, Let Me In did not disappoint on either the […]

Movie Review: I am Number Four

*Spoilers ahoy* Despite lowish ratings from critics on the Rotten Tomato tomatometer of 32%, audience-goers still voted I am Number Four as a “go-see.” I had to see it because I love fantasy and it’s my kind of thing. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Although it started slow and took a while to find its […]

Movie Review: The Fighter

The Fighter was wicked awesome! Boston accent aside, what a fantastic film! First of all, I am a huge Mark Walberg fan (as far back as his underwear-slinging days), but it was Christian Bale who blew me away in this film. I find him a normally very rigid and serious actor, and to see him […]

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