CW TV Vampire Diaries – “History Repeating”

Stefan 1“History Repeating” was a fantastic episode. Three words – HOLY ABS STEFAN! Seriously, does that guy work out like 500 hours a week? I normally don’t go for Stefan, I’m more of a Damon girl, but man – those abs…seriously! HOT!!!

Ok, ok. Back to a review of the episode, and not man candy abs. I got more emotion from Damon than I’ve seen in all previous episodes combined. I liked that they kept his sense of humor, “does dead flesh good…” I liked that Stefan got some points in this episode, I saw a lot more of Damon in him which was great. I don’t think it was only because they were switching roles (although that was quite funny) but he lost all of his lame moodiness.

Damon: I could rip your heart out and not think twice about it.

Stefan: Yeah I’ve heard that before.

I really enjoyed the Bonnie/Emily story and the way it just pulled everything together. Loved the ghost effect in the mirror when Emily possesses Bonnie – that was pretty cool. At the end of the episode, I almost expected a dead hand to reach through the ground, zombie-style, and be Katherine. But alas, that would be far too predictable.

My last thoughts – who is Alaric? First of all, love that actor, he is wicked hot. And how in tarnation does Logan come back???

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