The Vampire Diaries: Children of the Damned

Things are starting to heat up on the Vampire Diaries. I loved the flashback scenes. I thought it was really neat to get some perspective on Katherine’s character especially since she and Elena look so much alike. It’s cool (and scary awesome) to see that “vamp” side. Strangely enough, it makes me like Elena more […]

The Vampire Diaries: Unpleasantville

Not a bad Vampire Diaries episode…a lot of set up for future episodes. I had to admit that I totally called Jeremy’s new friend as being a vampire (no one can be that pushy without wanting something), but I didn’t guess Ben (the bartender) at all. And Bonnie seems to be falling right into that […]

Vampire Diaries: BLOODLINES – Damon is Back!

And the Vampire Diaries are BACK! Damon and his sexy smart mouth are BACK!! Let me open this post with a very “Damonesque” line – “It’s not like we all hang out together at the vamp bar and grill.” Gotta love this guy even though he is a stone cold killer. Talk about breaking your […]

CW TV Vampire Diaries – “History Repeating”

“History Repeating” was a fantastic episode. Three words – HOLY ABS STEFAN! Seriously, does that guy work out like 500 hours a week? I normally don’t go for Stefan, I’m more of a Damon girl, but man – those abs…seriously! HOT!!! Ok, ok. Back to a review of the episode, and not man candy abs. […]

Vampire Diaries – 162 Candles

Episode of the chipmunk vampire. Ok, just kidding, I actually liked Lexi – she was quite spunky and sassy in her own way. And I LOVED how she was with Damon. Thought it sucked that they staked her. Damon, Damon, Damon – what shall we do with you? Just when I was falling for your […]

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