The Vampire Diaries: Unpleasantville

Not a bad Vampire Diaries episode…a lot of set up for future episodes. I had to admit that I totally called Jeremy’s new friend as being a vampire (no one can be that pushy without wanting something), but I didn’t guess Ben (the bartender) at all. And Bonnie seems to be falling right into that trap! It seems like Damon is not the only one trying to get Katherine out of that tomb. Speaking of Katherine, looks like she had quite a few friends….um, minions, of her own. As the vampire who got staked said to Damon and Stefan, “did you think you were the only ones?” Naughty, naughty.

Stefan and ElenaThe part where Stefan did the dance move and the kiss with Elena was awesome! I loved all of the almost bite scenes where Elena is saved right at the last minute, and especially the fact that she fights back after the last attack with a pencil, no less. Stefan is starting to get a little more guts which is cool, and I like that he has Damon guessing. I enjoyed seeing them working together for once, it was a cool dynamic. I really want to find out what is the deal with Alaric – especially now that we know that his wife’s name was Isabelle, which was supposedly Elena’s birth-mother’s name. Like I said, a lot of build-up for future episodes.

So where is this all going? I can only say somewhere good! I cannot wait for next week’s episode when we get a glimpse of Katherine, some fangs, and some real vamp-itude. Sweet!

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  1. April
    January 31, 2010 at 8:04 pm (14 years ago)

    I actually bought the book and I have to read it soon cause I promised to loan it to Kimmy after. Did you read these books? I bought the combo 2? I hope Elaina doesn’t talk about Stefans breath like Bella goes on about Edwards – GROSS lol.

    The best broody Vampire was Angel he did it in a cool way – just a quiet guy in solitude where Stefan is so emo and yea I get your a vamp and you regret having to kill people but Angel had a soul – I hope they explain more why Stefan feels the way he does when Damon does not.

  2. admin
    January 30, 2010 at 2:25 pm (14 years ago)

    Right! He totally missed that and Damon should be good about noticing things like the ring! the question is – how did he get it or is he in some way related to them?? I know what you mean about Stefan being too broody, sometimes I just want him to “man” up and he did a bit in this episode. Totally agree with the “you don’t remember me?” comment, would have been interesting to see more of where that was coming from…

  3. April
    January 30, 2010 at 12:44 pm (14 years ago)

    I have to say my fav show so far for this season was last week when Damon and Elaina went on their road trip. I still find Stephan to broody (and not in an Angel way) and annoying. Damon brought out a much better side to Elaina and I liked it and the fact she begged for that guy to spare him was pretty interesting. But your right I did like them all being together and the brothers working togeter. What about that guy saying to them “you don’t remember me?” HMMMMM. This show is getting better but Stefan is still super annoying.

    Oh and obviously Damon didn’t mind eff Alraic and his name is old so I wonder what type of person he really is – I think he might be some kind of immortal himself – being a history teacher 🙂 Also he has his ring too, which I thought Damon might take notice of but didn’t.


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