Pocket Frogs for iPad

Curse you, Pocket Frogs, curse you! *shakes fist to sky!*

I honestly cannot stop playing this game. I don’t even know if it can qualify as a game. At most it’s a distraction…a lovely, mindless, time-destroying, evilly addictive distraction.

In Pocket Frogs, you start out with a few multicolored frogs, the object being to tame your frogs in a pond by catching and eating dragonflies as you hop from lily-pad to lily-pad. Once your frogs are mature, you can breed them with other frogs that you meet in the pond. Those eggs then go to your nursery where you have to wait for them to hatch before you can tame or breed it with others in your care or in the pond. It’s not long, don’t worry. While you’re waiting, you can have loads of fun breeding other frogs, selling frogs, gifting frogs, setting up dinner dates…ok, maybe not that last one but you get pretty close. Another bonus is that along the way in the pond, you can also pick up gifts to help you grow your little frog farm like backgrounds, growth potions, stamps, etc.

Sounds simple right? That’s what I thought and then I opened the app…only to be sucked into the vortex of pocket frog addiction. Be warned. You will lose hours if not days once you download this slice of froggy heaven. Best part? It’s free.

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