V – Unholy Alliance

This episode of ABC’s V will no doubt strike a sensitive chord with many people, if only because it involves religion – specifically, Anna takes on the Catholic Church in the Vatican in Rome. Following a cool scene of a V shuttle landing smack dab in the middle of St. Peters’s square, the episode doesn’t […]

ABC’s V is back – alien teeth, hybrid babies, and all

Ok fine, so it’s been back for a few weeks. I’m just late to the ballgame, and of course if you’ve checked the posts lately on ABC, you will notice that they’re not doing any online re-airing of V episodes this season. Fortunately for you, I’ve already vented my understandable rage toward ABC and am […]

V Season Finale: Red Sky

All in all, definitely not a bad season finale for ABC’s V. They could have definitely offered up more visually for the half-human/half-lizard baby other than the tiny glance of a green snaky tail wrapping around Ryan’s finger. After my last post of the 1980’s plasticine version, I wanted to see more! Lots more. However, […]

V: Fruition

Hmmm…maybe they meant Friction instead of Fruition on ABC’s V because I wanted to throw my television against a wall. Boy, is Anna the master manipulator or what? From working Chad Decker to a T and getting him to push support for the Vs to stay, to physically abusing her own daughter for sympathy and […]