Being Human: I see your true colors and that’s why I hate you

“Even a monster can be afraid of the darkness.” Talk about a telling title for this Being Human episode – I see your true colors and that’s why I hate you? Not sure that Cyndi Lauper would be too happy about the butchering of her awesome 80s song lyrics. But I’m dating myself, so just […]

Being Human: Wouldn’t it be nice (if we were human?)

So this whole episode of Being Human is basically about Josh’s new werewolf tutor, Ray, who vacillates between being a harmless spacey older dude and a psychotic vampire-hater. That said, he has come in very handy in teaching poor clueless Josh the ropes of being a werewolf and how to take charge of his life. […]

Being Human – Something to Watch Over Me

Immortality. What’s not to love? There’s just one thing they leave out of the pitch. Time, that endless sucking time. […] Memories, those haunting memories. […] And realize there is only one true thing—it is impossible to live forever perfectly. […] So go ahead, live forever. Forget what you’ve forgotten. But they won’t. They never […]