V: Fruition

Hmmm…maybe they meant Friction instead of Fruition on ABC’s V because I wanted to throw my television against a wall. Boy, is Anna the master manipulator or what? From working Chad Decker to a T and getting him to push support for the Vs to stay, to physically abusing her own daughter for sympathy and […]

Zelda: Twilight Princess – City in the Sky

OMG. Two words – clawshot hell. This level was all about using the single and then the double clawshot to get around the various floating rooms in the sky. First word of advice, equip the iron boots whenever you feel the wind start to pick up walking between rooms or you’ll get blown right off […]

Vampire Diaries: Isobel

Damon is on fire! I love when he took charge vampire-style administering a beat-down on Isobel when she tried to get too fresh. Way to show her who was boss, although it didn’t seem to do much to deter her. Isobel is definitely irritating, even with showing her sensitive side to Alaric in the end. […]

ABC’s V: Hearts and Minds

Checked out the latest V episode on ABC.com tonight. Not bad at all. It’s definitely gaining some momentum, and had a bunch of knee-jerk moments. Like the human experimentation with the “needle” table-cage. That was some serious coolness, well not for the human victim of course. That torture table was sick. Before writing anymore, I […]

Toruk Makto Rises Again – Sam Worthington Rides Hollywood

Sam Worthington is unstoppable. The Australian actor is seriously a real-life Toruk Makto triumphantly riding the great beast that is Hollywood. Amidst rumors of him being the next pick for James Bond, it’s been confirmed that he will return for a Clash of the Titans sequel and as everyone knows, he’s committed to doing the […]

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