The Vampire Diaries – By the Light of the Moon

Totally awesome Vampire Diaries episode! I absolutely loved all parts Tyler in this episode, especially when he was changing into the werewolf. Thought that was amazing, and the special effects were just enough to be cool and not overdone. The CW did a great job of showing just enough of the human to wolf transformation […]

The Vampire Diaries – Rose

This is going to be part rant, part rave instead of an actual episode review of the Vampire Diaries, so consider yourself prepared. Seriously. Let me begin by asking what are the two cardinal rules of killing a vampire? Staking. Check. Beheading. Check. And shouldn’t a vampire already know this? Especially if said vampire is […]

The Vampire Diaries – Season Premiere: The Return

The Vampire Diaries season premiere opened with a bang. I completely forgot that Katherine was back so it was good that they did a repeat of last season’s finale when she cut off John Gilbert’s fingers. So to recap, Elena’s doppelganger, Katherine, is back and is in fine form getting to know all of the […]